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More Support Received for Chapter Appeal

In the last issue, we listed the names of those who responded to the Hoosier Chapter’s annual appeal. The donations support the Sierra Club’s work in your own backyard.

Since then, contributions have been received from the following people:

  • Richard Dickie
  • Kevin Kelly M.D.
  • Joan Leibma
  • Margaret Piety
  • Ruth and Mac Fleming
  • Joshua Reilly
  • Thomas Butler
  • Charlotte Robertson
  • Patricia Parker
  • Judith Roberts
  • John Maier
  • Perry Scott
  • Marcia Dougherty
  • Gregory Opfel
  • Michael Arnett
  • Jean Chmielewski and Mark Lipton
  • Mark Ennes
  • Charles Dick
  • Barbara Burkhead
  • Stephen Dunlop, M.D.
  • Jack Leonard
  • John and Mary Pelton
  • George Bakken
  • Allen and Donna Segrist
  • Jennifer Evans
  • Helen H. Jones
  • Gordon Bausman
  • George and Betty Rhoderick
  • Sharon Busick-Howell
  • Eleanor Bachmann
  • Steven D. Martz
  • Robert L. Greenlee
  • James Cooney
  • Catherine Scott-Moncrieff
  • Mrs. J. M. Botero
  • Pam Morrissey
  • Eileen B. Dumas

Thank you for your support of the Sierra Club’s Hoosier Chapter!

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Spring 1999